Learn to skydive solo (AFF)

AFF Camp Watch Video


Complete the traditional AFF Camp

  • • 9 x solo skydives with instructor (10 in total including the training tandem)
  • • 1 x training tandem for purpose parachute flight tuition
  • • Pre course online training (exclusive access to our online training module to learn important skydiving terms and processes)
  • • Full gear hire
  • • APF membership
  • • USB with all your filmed skydives
  • • Skydivers Logbook
  • • Accommodation
8,000 Feet Tandem Skydive

A-License Package

$3355 (value $3920 save $465)

Complete AFF course & get your A-License

  • • Includes everything in the WTF - AFF Camp plus the following:
  • • 8 x additional solo skydives with full gear hire (15 jumps in total)
  • • A-License exam
  • • A-License application fee
8,000 Feet Tandem Skydive

B-License Package

$4030 ($4680 save $650)

Get your B-License

  • • Prerequisite: Student must have A-License
  • • 10 x coached jumps (B-Rels) including 1 canopy pilot coached lesson and 1 additional tracking lesson.
  • • 25 additional solo skydives with gear hire (35 jumps total)
  • • B Licence application fee
  • • Parachute packing lessons
  • • Accommodation
  • • Combined A and B-Licence price: $7285
8,000 Feet Tandem Skydive

*** Please note AFF course, A License and B License courses are objective based. If objectives have not been reached, it may be necessary to repeat a stage. If this is the case an extra jump will be an additional cost ***

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Learn To Skydive Journey!

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Learn to Skydive now! Courses running March to October


Skydive Jurien Bay has a beach-side location, an immaculate safety record, the most highly qualified instructors, personalised tuition, accommodation included, amazing coastal views, modern equipment, and an awesome family vibe! There really is no better place to learn to skydive in Perth, WA. In fact, a lot of our staff learnt to skydive with us and we’ve also had some students going on to represent Australia at world skydiving championships.

Learning to skydive starts with an online training course which you can complete at your own pace at home.  You then come to Jurien Bay for your ground school, which will be easy after you’ve already been introduced to the info in the online course! On this day, you should also do Stage One, which is a tandem jump. The focus on this jump is learning to fly your parachute safely and accurately. It will be different to a normal tandem if you have done one before, in that you will get a one-on-one lesson with your instructor on your landing pattern, flaring the parachute, finding the stall point of your parachute, and different types of turns. On your tandem you will also initiate the exit, do height awareness exercises, plus deploy and check your parachute. Learning to land accurately is an important aspect of skydiving and there are accuracy requirements to obtain your skydiving licence. This tandem lesson means you can get your licence signed faster and be a safer skydiver in the process.

Next stage, normally the next day is Stage Two where you will jump your own parachute with two instructors looking after you in freefall, and also helping you via a radio in your helmet while you are flying your canopy. There are then an extra 8 stages when the fun really kicks off and you will learn 360 degree turns, forward movement, backflips and tracking.  Controlling your body in flight in the real environment of freefall is the best feeling there is. It will change your life!

So! Learning to skydive solo will be one of the most amazing adventures of your life. It’s a fantastic physical and mental challenge that will leave you with a huge sense of accomplishment. It’s a popular activity amongst men and women, and the friends you meet during your skydiving journey will become like family. Due to high winds during summer the learn to skydive courses run only between March and October each year.

Watch “Tasting Flight”, a documentary about the learning to skydive journey. Subscribe to our newsletter for more awesome content.

“Thanks a lot for the most fantastic time at Skydive Jurien Bay. Learning solo skydiving is just great and you have the best instructors a student could wish for. Besides being on top of knowledge, they know how to encourage and guide scared beginners like me. And they are fun”. Kannler Horst – 2017


Ground School Start Dates at Jurien Bay FOR 2019

Courses cease over Summer due to wind conditions unsuitable for student training and will commence again 5th March 2019.

You will need to do your tunnel time in Perth before your course start date. It can be the day before or spread over the week before, whatever you prefer.


Weekdays are best, but we operate our AFF Camp seven days a week between March and October. The first day of the course is mostly ground school with just one training tandem jump. The above dates have been set aside for this first day of training. If you cannot start on one of these days, please contact us. We may be able to be flexible depending on other bookings and the time of year. At some times of the year it is difficult for us to do your first day of ground school/theory training on a weekend, but you are welcome to contact us and we will do our best to work in with you!

****NEW! We recommend you do your jumps over consecutive days to maximise your performance on each stage. But if you work Monday to Friday and find it difficult to get days off, we are now offering a Perth-based Ground School in the evening mid week, then you can come up to Jurien Bay on the weekend to conduct your jumps. Please contact us for availability of a course instructor on an evening you’re available!


All ground training and jumps are performed at our skydive centre, located two hours north of Perth in Jurien Bay. It’s the perfect location if you want to learn to skydive in Perth. Office Address: 65 Bashford St, Jurien Bay 6516 Western Australia


All costs are inclusive of your jump tickets, all training, gear hire, video of jump when with an instructor (this assists your learning significantly), accommodation, packing lessons, exams, your Australian Parachute Federation membership plus your very own skydivers log book. A deposit of $700 is required to confirm the start date of your AFF Camp, grant you access to the Online Learning Course. Additional fees will apply if a student needs to repeat a stage in their courses.

How to book

Contact us via the form on this page or call (08) 9652 1320 to speak to us about learning to skydive. You probably have a lot of questions so feel free to get in contact.

Online Learning Course

There is a $700 deposit for your course, then you will be given access to our Online Learning Course.  You will be expected to have completed this course before you arrive at the drop zone, as it will drastically cut down the time we need to spend training on the ground, and get you skydiving much quicker.

Physical Requirements

You must be reasonably fit to learn to skydive. Skydiving is a sport! You will need to be able to wear about 15kgs of equipment, run out landings, absorb the shock of deceleration as your parachute opens, and have strength in your arms to steer and land your parachute. If you have a reasonable degree of fitness you should be fine, but if you have breathing difficulties, obesity, or shoulder problems, particularly ones caused by recent or frequent dislocations, this may prevent you learning to skydive. If you have low levels of flexibility, we recommend to do some stretches in the time before you arrive. Bouncy, blow up ‘fitballs’ are perfect to lean back over on to stretch your back to improve your arch. Please phone us if you have any questions about your fitness to learn to jump.


We have a skydivers shack next to our offices available for you to stay in. You will need to bring a sleeping bag or linen and blankets. There you will meet and socialise with other skydivers. This is provide free of charge during your course.

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