Get the rush!

Bookings from 1st February to 5th February are not available to residents and travellers from Perth, Peel and the South-West. If you have a booking between those dates please call us to reschedule or if required, we can cancel your booking and refund your deposit if you have paid one.

To book your skydive online right now just click “Place Booking“, a pop up window will appear and it will only take a few minutes to confirm your booking. If you find technology painful you can book over the phone, just call us on +61 8 9652 1320. Got questions? Contact us.

If you’re booking between October and March, we recommend you book the earliest available arrival time. The time you are booking is just your check-in time. You will be jumping about two hours after that, and strong sea breezes¬†usually stop us jumping on Summer afternoons. The earlier you can arrive, the more guaranteed you are to jump!

We look forward to getting the rush with you!

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