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Do you skydive solo? Learn about our fun jumping scene

Freeflying, tracing, wingsuiting, belly, big-ways… we do it all. Slots available seven days a week in our Cessna Caravan, AAD required, CI permission required for beach jumps otherwise we regularly use the student landing area in the paddock nearby where the views are just as amazing, hire rigs (170 up tp 270 sized canopies) and equipment available. We also have a Rigger in our team for repairs and reserve packs.

Calendar of events


Jump tickets

14,000ft – $55
7,000ft – $35
*Fun Jumper Referrals: Refer you someone to us to do a full price tandem from 14,000ft and we’ll give you a free $50 jump ticket (for licensed skydivers only). You can use your ticket(s) whenever you want and there is no limit to how many you can accumulate. It’s Pete’s shout!

Meet our fun jumpers

To connect with our fun jumpers go to our Facebook group, Jurien Bay Fun Jumpers.
We’ve also set up a group called, Rides to and from Skydive Jurien Bay, if you need or are offering a lift.

coaching / load organising / events

If you’re an A or B license jumper looking to progress your skills, you’ll find a coach and LO at the DZ 7 days a week. For more advanced jumpers (C License and above) we will be hosting monthly events. Check out the Jurien Bay Fun Jumpers Facebook page for more info.


Need a place to stay? We have accommodation available for fun jumpers at our “Lucky Shack”.  For just $25 a night you can stay in our fully equipped Lucky Shack and hang out with other skydivers. Options to upgrade to a private room available at $40pp per night. Bookings are a must!

Funjumper Forms

Downsizing –
Wingsuiting –

Wing loading calculator

Here is a great tool to calculate your wing loading. Click here.

We look forward to jumping with you