At Skydive Jurien Bay we are 100% committed to providing each customer with a professional skydive experience. This extends from the moment someone phones us or visits our website, right through to after completing their skydive and saying good bye to our staff. We believe that by ensuring every aspect of what we do is professional then our business will continue to grow and each customer’s experience will be safe and awesome.


Safety is at the core of everything we do at Skydive Jurien Bay. There is nothing that we take more seriously. It’s for this reason that our skydive equipment and fleet of multi-million dollar aircraft are modern and cared for meticulously. Our Cessna Caravan aircraft is the world’s best performing skydive aircraft, serviced and inspected regularly, and our pilots are all highly qualified commercial pilots. Our tandem skydive equipment is all new and from the best manufacturer in the world, United Parachute Technologies. We have a full-time parachute rigger as part of our team who is responsible for the on-going maintenance of the equipment.

Sometimes our customers may experience delays on the day of their skydive and this often due to unfavourable weather conditions, we will only jump if the weather is safe.


You’ll notice it when you get here, we love to have fun. Thanks to tandem skydiving, everyone can experience the rush of skydiving in a controlled environment. When you meet your instructor you will become instantly aware of our high energy levels and excitement for what you’re about to do. It’s so much bloody fun! Our staff have all been hand selected to ensure we have the most professional, safe, and fun instructors. Sit back, relax and let our wonderful instructors take you for an experience of a life time. Don’t forget to smile, we will be!