Letting Go Series – Episode 3

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my friends family everyone is gonna be
inspired to do this now I’m gonna make
them go to we’re about to embark on the
most exciting scary and challenging
adventure of our lives four states three
weeks and nine stages to become fully
licensed skydivers this is going to
change our lives forever
so my dad actually I was saying and he
always said as we were growing up
doesn’t get any better than this and on
that day when we woke up to a sunrise on
Bells Beach and watch the sunset at the
Twelve Apostles did not get better than
I’ve been really excited about this leg
of the trip because I am from Victoria
this whole experience
skydiving situation the whole lifestyle
that we’re living right now is honestly
my dream anyone who knows me knows I am
in an absolute activity junkie and
adventure and trying new things and
pushing boundaries and stepping outside
my comfort zone and everything that
we’re doing I love because it’s all so
the person that I feel I am sorry up
Nuveen I said before I think quite
charismatic for one and a bit of a
go-getter and I like I like to say yes
like um I’m definitely a yes man if if I
say no to something then I freak out I’m
gonna miss out on something
I suffer from FOMO more than anyone I’ve
ever known so it’s like I said yes to
this and it’s been like the best
experience of my entire life
send you my new stairs run it finally
stuff elves turn a drink what 16 years
well seriously
that get wow this guy goes oh yes
losing kind of
you kidding me looks like a face it is
cold but I do have goosebumps as well
makes me proud
today was ridiculous we signed on the
day with the sunrise we signed it off at
the sunset I love that we did at Bell’s
beach and then the 12 apostles like don
t get any better all we did was get in
the car and drive like thank you mother
nature we are at Australian skydive
Torquay and it’s really put on a show
have a look at this we’ll be jumping out
of the plane instead of two instructors
one one yes but we’re about to go in and
do our briefing so today’s a little bit
different to Maria and we had the radio
helmet so we had the instructor in our
ears so when we were coming in to land a
holding pattern was quite easier that
instructor would tell us what to do but
today it’s a little bit different way
using an arrow on the ground so the
arrow is facing this way which way will
you guys be facing with the start
walking as if you’re flying a canopy
every five or six seconds just sort of
take a look at the arrow
if the arrow turns once you guys to turn
stage four you only have one person on
you which means they’re on the inside of
the plane and I’m a little bit worried
that I’m gonna freak out trying to get
myself out
okay I’m a Victoria go I live in Sydney
now but my parents still here and it’s
beautiful weekend so they thought they
had down to talking Beach Mike I see
daughter jumped out on him while we’re
at it what are you checking dad sighs
Jake I’m so bad at that point I’ll be by
who’s me though the other Perry it’s
gotta be I got
these last few weeks have taught me that
it is so much more than skydiving
the difference between before I jumped
out of a plane and now that I’ve jumped
out of one three times is quite
extraordinary because I went from
petrified to dren illan levels just
peaking and I feel like I can actually
do anything
skydiving with friends it’s such a
heightened experience and it feels like
life or death to hear them screaming at
the hanger and stuff like that you’re
just it’s there’s no better feeling than
like finally having time to breathe
relax and we’re at like 15 and a half
thousand feet it’s so much time to pull
the chute I just want everyone to
experiences this is I’m so glad to be a
part of this my friends family everyone
is gonna be inspired it is now and I’m
gonna make them do it too
shit I can do anything now hey after us
ages 4 & 5 we got to watch some of the
pros jump and land right on the beach
it was the most magical sunset we were
standing on the beach having a little
wine watching the sunset watching people
land on the beach and we were so
emotional like it was just one of those
moments and we all just turned to each
other and we said what is life this
skydiving lifestyle is a complete dream
come true I could definitely get used to
this all the name like dough apart from
my hands after same dinosaur steak I was
just I didn’t want to be in the same