Letting Go РEpisode Two

The Letting Go Series follows – Liv Phyland, Beau Pilgrim, Dane ‘Thehealthytradie’ Ellveson and Marny Kennedy as they let go of all their fears and follow their dream to become qualified Skydivers.

it’s go time mum
we’re about to embark on the most
exciting scary and challenging adventure
of our lives four states three weeks and
nine stages to become fully licensed
skydivers this is gonna change our lives
forever so teaching someone how to fly
in a wind tunnel is one thing but how do
you even teach someone to fly parachute
and they’ve never jumped out of a plane
welcome to Skaro fuzz everyone’s
obviously taken the courage to to sign
up and do their accelerated freefall
course when I first came on this trip I
thought that would be doing tenem for
the first few and then we’ll work into
doing solo rock up you’re doing solo
from the get-go so I had no idea how
much knowledge goes into getting
yourself out of that plane for the first
time I thought it was just throwing
yourself out and hoping for the best but
we had a full day of theory horizon so
the first half of the day when we were
learning all of our different body
positions and the sequence actually felt
really great after that almost excited
to do our junk but yeah I was like you
know what I’ve got this sequence killing
get me up in the sky then at the very
end of the day we learnt how to land and
I was like ah as if we didn’t need to
know enough things I know need to know
when to land how to land how to read the
oh cool and in a power line not ideal
what about the ocean hope I don’t drown
I was beside myself I was tearing up I
didn’t think that I would be able to get
out of a plane
what am i Tony
it’s a walk to remember cold all right
place your bets if we’re gonna jump
ten bucks we will jump to that you guys
don’t you back cuz you’re the expert but
I said beer would jump in today
Oh Monaco’s flaps yeah ten bucks I mean
a savings after shaking on it I cannot
hedge fine because it seemed like it
actually could happen maja is literally
racing thinking that what it’s gonna be
we started getting geared up and it was
still raining outside and was kind of on
off again I was getting geared up and I
was like I’m not gonna have to jump oh
if I’m like not really getting too
nervous cuz didn’t think I was gonna
happen then we got the call it was
the gentleman is well and truly kicking
in now
another so you are the one I came across
you like a diamond in a game you have no
trouble blowing bubbles once you told me
that gravity can get you up
you simply beautiful
I realize not even gravity could get me
through the whether we’re together don’t
you know the young my step and I’ll
never draw
oh my god we just pull out of the sky I
was afraid of look such a rush I can’t
believe how quick it goes like laughing
and like smiling and Sakura I have never
felt so calm in my entire life I got out
the best P in the whole entire world
this is pretty much like a massive
brightness light ready you’ve got your
family got your friends her line you’ve
got all these amazing people here but at
the end of the day when you’re there
it’s just you and it’s such a cool
person and just just you’re in back and
it makes it you could do anything it
really does but it’s quite emotional I
just don’t know I’m not like some
adrenaline junkie
sorry I like I can’t get anyone can do
these and we can feel this why wouldn’t
you stupid not to friends family
everyone is gonna be inspired to do this
now I’m gonna make him do anything now