Letting Go – Episode One

The Letting Go Series follows – Liv Phyland, Beau Pilgrim, Dane ‘Thehealthytradie’ Ellveson and Marny Kennedy as they let go of all their fears and follow their dream to become qualified Skydivers.


why are we jumping out of a perfectly
good plane by ourselves I definitely
think it’s gonna change my life it’s
gonna allow me to do things I’ve never
thought were even possible
very very hyper aware of the fact that
this is once-in-a-lifetime it’s about
letting go realizing that you can
actually accomplish a lot of things
we’re about to embark on the most
exciting scary and challenging adventure
of our lives four states three weeks and
nine stages to become fully licensed
skydivers this is gonna change our lives
forever I am a TV presenter and so I
work on a music show called the loop at
the moment I’m a photographer and film a
full time so I’m typically traveling
around somewhere a tropical and shooting
underwater I’m an actress so I spend
most my time on set so that’s kind of
what I do I’m an electrician full time
but I’m not doing that I’m blogging
about living this amazing life
just over 48 hours ago I had no idea
that I’d even be here
indoor skydiving amazing the first
session we did I was like the class
clown and Dan kind of hated me I’m sorry
Dan if you’re watching this
getting that feeling in the wind tunnel
and I fly definitely made me understand
the rush that people experience when
they’re in the air I’m actually really
surprised that people can go up and do
the real skydiving without going in
there it is a really weird sensation and
it is quite hard to find your balance
and and get used to it so it all became
serious when we finished our first round
a bit of fun laughing each other sort of
paying each other out sack around came
back dance smile just this blank face
next session we had to keep it more
serious this is a pretty safe
environment but skydiving for yourselves
or but you guys are going to do is the
real deal I can get you out the
aeroplane I can hold you stable you know
I can deploy your parachute for you but
what I can’t deal with the emergency
procedures and your canopy control we’re
just flying itself safely to the ground
this is going to make it safer for your
we were just chillin waiting to go back
into the tunnel next thing I know this
like groovy looking alien thing like
walks past with her like matching alien
helmet jumps into the tunnel I can’t
even explain it like what she was doing
out there is not normal
so afterwards we had a chat to Amy and
found out she’s 11 and he’s number four
in the world okay overachiever she also
had some advice for us blacks I needed
hey thank you so much I know I was so
dry it’s live alike going everywhere
indoor skydiving done on to our next
little adventure down the south coast
we’re going to Shoalhaven heads going to
the river it’s gonna be a boat let me
hanging out with a guy named Johnny
who’s apparently an absolute Pro so
pretty keen for that one thing about Bo
that I like he’s so bloody good at
everything that’s probably going I’d I’d
look like but no Bo is always perfect
example of just getting out there and
doing it no matter what he does he’s
just nailing it like wakeboard backflips
on the rail goes like
like who is this guy watching him go
makes me step up and just like taking do
it I can do it absolutely my favorite
thing about Dane he is one of the
kindest people I’ve met we would run in
City to surf and I did my name we
started at the start line and I was like
anyway Dane you go off I’m gonna have to
catch the public transport back to Bondi
and he ran the whole 14 kilometres
what you say is what you get with it she
takes life just as it comes to her liver
is always full of energy
and she’s always a lot of fun to be
around it’s contagious for sure you
can’t be in a bad mood around ER I can
tell you that right now like you sit
there and she came into the room just
like the energy just lifts and that’s
why everyone loves that bits that’s tall
that’s high
but when to be jumping out of a plane
what do you like him
all right hidden meat isn’t like Saudi
money I love it she’s just the best I’m
at money a couple of months ago and
since then the poor thing like money you
think great you seem adventurous the day
before we went on this trip I sent her a
message the night before saying hi you
you’re afraid of heights knowing that
she was and then I called her and I said
I want to come get you skydiving
certificate it was like why did you ask
me because you know I can’t say no but
you know I’m scared so I love money
because she can’t say no just like maybe
she’s always up for an adventure and
she’s freaking hilarious
we left shall Haven River quite late and
ventured down towards Maria just a
little drivers like the four amigos in
the car
it was actually really fun that was
actually the highlight because we just
got down and just spoke so draw about
like our whole sort of adventure coming
out it was real like character building
the forth like a little family at the
end it was great the bond between the
four of us it’s actually quite
incredible to see how close we are
already I mean we haven’t even gone
through our first jump yet so I hate to
think how close we are after this
woke up the next day it’s go time that’s
so dark this get is happening we’re just
like mentally preparing ourselves and
all of a sudden it’s probably bit too
windy you might throw the guys are there
test it out at this stage about 15 16
knots what I realized about skydiving is
if there’s too many clouds if it’s
raining or if it’s too windy it’s a
it’s go time mum