Thanks for making my Perth holiday even more memorable!


Thein skydived with us a few years ago, but he loved it so much that he was happy to share his experience with you! Here’s what he had to say.

What part of your tandem skydive did you enjoy the most?

The moment when parachute was released. It’s not that I don’t like the free fall moment but once it released, I was able to view the beauty and the glorious of Jurien Bay. I was taught how to steer the parachute by my friendly instructor too! It was amazing!

What part of your tandem skydive was the most scary?

To be honest, I felt scared only when the door of the plane was opened. Haha! 14000ft above sea level, the coldness of temperature and also the helpless feeling when my legs was out of the plane, all of these factors intimidated me!

Did any aspect of the experience surprise you or differ from your expectations? If so, please tell us about it.

Yes! I was expecting a nice and smooth free fall after jumping off the plane but the lack of air caused difficulties in breathing and yup, it was different from what I had expected.

Tell us a little about your thoughts on the instructor you had

He is knowledgeable, friendly and enthusiastic! He explained well on how to do a perfect landing also dos and don’ts while skydiving! 

There are a few different locations to skydive at, why did you choose Jurien Bay?

It’s have been featured as World’s most beautiful skydive and I think this will be the best reason for me to choose isn’t it?

Any advice for people considering going skydiving?

Go on and do it! You only live once, experience it while you can!!

What else did you get up to when you were in Jurien Bay?

I went for a beach walk to enjoy sunset and camping at the campsite too!

What city do you live in?

 Currently stay in Singapore.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Your guys are awesome! Thanks for making my Perth holiday even more memorable!