Ky Hilder lives near Bunbury in Western Australia and we asked her to tell us about her tandem skydive experience at Skydive Jurien Bay. Here’s what she had to say…

What part of your tandem skydive did you enjoy the most?

The thrill as we tumbled out of the plane and were free falling!

What part of your tandem skydive was the most scary?

It was pretty thrilling looking down from the edge of the plane!

Did any aspect of the experience surprise you or differ from your expectations?

After the parachute was opened- I didn’t expect to stay up there for so long and the peacefulness was amazing! Also to be given the opportunity to steer- that’s pretty cool!

Tell us a little about your thoughts on the instructor you had

He couldn’t have been any better- he made my experience absolutely perfect. I had total confidence and he made it so much fun. Very professional.

There are a few different locations to skydive at, why did you choose Jurien Bay?

The staff are very professional and helpful! Also the views! Sky diving over the beach is amazing. To be able to see the marine life and float above the ocean was awesome. To be able to see both land and predominantly the ocean is really cool- you get a taste of everything up there!

Any advice for people considering going skydiving?

Do it! It is the most amazing experience and is incredibly surreal.

What else did you get up to when you were in Jurien Bay?

Explored the area! There were some great beaches and the town is beautiful. The locals were so friendly to chat to!

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thank you for the experience of a lifetime!