"do it, you will never regret it"


We asked Matthew Knight about his tandem skydive experience at Skydive Jurien Bay, here’s what he had to say.

“The best part of the tandem was the effort the instructors made to break the nervousness my first jump and then for my future jumps just making the experience the best it could be each time.

The scariest part for me was my first jump that initial roll out of the plane and thinking “am I going to come out of this or are we going to roll like this all the way to the ground”.

The instructors I had on all of my jumps with Skydive Jurien Bay have been amazing, friendly, warm, welcoming and make the whole experience just that much better and the fun they have with you after a couple of jumps is awesome, each time doing different things to mix it up which is great.

I choose Jurien bay as we were holidaying there on all occasions and also the fact the coast and scenery is amazing at this location and just awe inspiring as you float down to the ground.

Advise I can give to people considering is do it you will never regret it. The moment you land on the ground you will immediately want to that again as quickly as possible.

When in Jurien we would be staying at the Caravan park across the road which has amazing facilities and also fishing, 4wding, visit the Pinnacles and spending time with loved one.”