Make your skydive experience great, not just good!


What’s the¬†difference between a good dropzone & a great dropzone?

Skydiving as a once off adventure experience is nothing short of incredible. Those who’ve done it can’t explain it and those yet to try it will never understand it. However there are a few things to look out for when choosing where to tandem skydive that will turn a good experience into an awesome experience.

#1 Jump height

Understanding what altitude you will be jumping from is critical. Common heights are 8,000ft, 10,000ft, and 14,000ft. Something to be very mindful of is when a dropzone sells “from up to” skydives, for example “from up to 14,000ft”. The “from up to” part gives the dropzone an excuse when they take you to an altitude that is lower than what you 1) paid for, and 2) expected, and there are dropzones out there which will deliberately mislead you. Imagine the disappointment when you paid for a “from up to 14,000ft” skydive but only get taken to 10,000ft.

#2 Hidden fees

Some dropzones have hidden fees that they will hide from you until the day of your skydive, when you’re already committed. A common example of this is the “over weight tax”. Some dropzones charge up to $75 extra if the person tandem skydiving is above 90kg. This would most certainly put a sour taste in your mouth.

#3 Alternative landing areas

Imagine you thought you were going to land on the beach only to find out the plane is forced to drop you in an alternative landing area such as a paddock. This can happen if a dropzone does not have a suitable beach landing area for all wind conditions. A great dropzone will have you land on the beach if this is what you had paid for, and will have alternative beach landing areas to cater for all wind conditions.


  • At Skydive Jurien Bay we guarantee our jump heights and do not trick our customers with “from up to” skydives. Each customers gets what they pay for.
  • At Skydive Jurien Bay there are NO hidden fees, and no additional fees for customers above 90kg. Our weight limit is 115kg.
  • At Skydive Jurien Bay we have three beach landing areas ensuring we’re able to safely land on the beach every time.