2016 Solo Skydiver Summary

In Jurien Bay our fun jumper season is between March and October (due to high winds either side of these months). In 2016 fun jumpers from all around Australia (and the world) came to the DZ to jump. Whilst we had a shocking year for weather (it seemed like every weekend we had an event planned the bad weather would roll in) we still managed to smash out plenty of skydives.

Our AFF program continues to prove popular as more and more people are becoming exposed to the sport of skydiving. Whilst a lot of people from WA are learning to skydive we also saw high numbers of people flocking down from Singapore to do their AFF course. We’ve got a good relationship with the Singapore skydive scene and they have continued to make the trip down to Jurien Bay to get in the sky.

One of the highlights from 2016 was the Performance Wing Suit Camp which was held earlier in the year with Jarno Cordia and Scott Patterson. The WA wing suit scene definitely benefited from having some of the world’s best wing suit coaches and canopy pilots in town enabling them to learn XRW as well as performance wing suit flying. This event also attracted quality media attention on the WA Channel 7 news.

Mason Corby made a visit to the Bay for a Downunder Dynanmics Train the Trainer camp. A group of WA’s more experienced freefliers were fortunate to attend this event and learn from one of Australia’s most experienced fliers and freefly organisers. A wide range of topics were covered during the event including load organising, teaching techniques and safety.

In October Jules McConnel came to the Bay to run a canopy course which proved super popular amongst WA jumpers. All levels were catered for ensuring everyone was able to take something away from the event and become better canopy pilots. Immediately following the course was a Train The Trainer course for canopy piloting, which Jules ran. The course was catered for WA instructors, to improve teaching methods when it comes to canopy piloting.

We chose not to have a J Bay Boogie in 2016, to give the team a break. A decision has yet to be made about a boogie in 2017 however it is our intention to run a series of workshops/camps around April / May.

In 2017, we’re going to really focus on a few key events at the start of our fun jumper season, capitalising on the perfect autumn weather.

Thank you to all the fun jumpers for jumping with us and to all the coaches who helped out during the year (Scotty P, Jimmy G, Peter Wally, and Red (The Boreman Water Bores Perth)