Indoor Skydiving Perth

Have you heard the news? Perth has a new attraction called iFLY Perth. It’s a state of the art indoor skydiving facility located on the corner of Great Easter Highway and Belmont Avenue in Rivervale and it’s due to open in December 2016.

So what is indoor skydiving?

Indoor skydiving is made possible thanks to the creation of a purpose built facility, a lot of fan power which blows wind, and a glass flight chamber. Okay, we’ve skipped over some finer details but they are the main points to understand at this stage.

So indoor skydiving allows you to actually fly just like you would when doing a normal skydive. The air / wind is blown at speeds of up to 250km/h and when you lay on top of the wind, it picks you up. Amazing right!? Yep!

How is it different to traditional skydiving?

Whilst the ‘flying’ part will feel almost identical, the rush of jumping out of an aeroplane from 14,000ft is what really separates indoor skydiving and a traditional outdoor skydive. Both offer a unique experience and we recommend you try both.

Who can do it?

Indoor skydiving in Perth at iFLY Perth is suitable for anyone aged from 3 years old up to 103 years old. It’s safe, a lot of fun, and definitely worth having a go at. You don’t need to be a crazy fit person, anyone can do it. Their instructors will take care of your entire experience, ensuring you’re safe and that you have a great time.

But why?

Well, apart from being a lot of fun for people who have never experienced a skydive or freefall before (they call these people ‘first timers’), there are many other uses for indoor skydiving facilities. These include training for solo skydivers, people flying in the wind tunnel as a sport (yes, there is a huge community of professional wind tunnel flyers), and of course the army are regularly using the tunnel for training purposes.

More info

For more info visit the iFly Downunder website here

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