We’re State Champions for 2015

Our sponsored vertical formation skydive (VFS) team called “1300 AWESOME” won the 2015 WA State Parachuting Championships last weekend in the VFS discipline.

The team consists of one of our tandem instructors, Chris, and our three local freefly coaches Jimmy G, Milla and Red.

They were up against the best skydivers in the State, each completing three rounds of the competition where each team had to perform pre-determined formations throughout their skydive.

VFS is one of the hardest disciplines in skydiving because it’s so fast and it requires a lot more stability control than tradition formation skydiving where the skydivers are falling to earth in a belly first orientation.

To learn to fly vertically skydivers typically have completed over 100 jumps and flown in wind tunnels where they can spend over an hour a day in freefall (the equivalent of 70-80 skydives which would take up to 10 days if you were doing 7 jumps a day).

First you need to learn to skydive though, and we can teach you.

VFS team