16 of the State's best wingsuiters took over the skies on August 2 and 3


Perth skydivers who are experienced wingsuiters were invited to Skydive Jurien Bay on August 2 and 3 to participate in a J Bay Skills Camp. Western Australia’s most experienced and talented wingsuit pilot, Scott Paterson, was coaching the group over the weekend. Watch the video here!

“We had a full plane of wingsuiters (16) and were flying in big formations with each jumper having their own position in the formation”, said Scott.

Before learning to wingsuit, one must learn to skydive. Skydive Jurien Bay run courses for people interested in learning to skydive Perth. After 200 skydives and attaining a “D” license, a skydiver can take to the skies in a wingsuit. The first few jumps are with an experienced wingsuit instructor, as it feels very different to normal skydiving and special training is required prior to flying in the suit.

“Wingsuiting is very different to normal skydiving. The wingsuit is very sensitive to changes in body position and it is easy to lose control”, Scott added.

“But after proper training and regular practice, people can quickly learn to fly the suit and begin to jump with other wingsuiters”.


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